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The Everyman 635 Hard top

Russell and Nigel

I’m glad to send this paragraph extolling the virtues of the Everyman 635H/T.
I’m very happy to say that I have owned an Everyman 635H/T for about 12months.  It’s my first boat.  I have never owned a boat in my life although I have spent many years exploring the sea, on it and beneath it.  As a scuba diver you are always welcome on another man’s boat.

I know very little about what makes a good boat.  I have heard many, sometimes long and interesting stories about what makes a boat a good boat and many other stories about what makes a bad one.  I’ve never considered it important, to have an opinion, one way or another, until I made that decision: TO BUY A BOAT.

While looking for a new boat I considered the many well known and established boat builders with a myriad of models and features.  There are some beautiful and wonderful dream boats on the market and I had some dreams.  But like every important decision in life you must focus on what it must have then you can think about what would be nice to have, then you have to be constrained with what you can afford.  Dam!

  • Fishing, diving and rough stuff.  Had to be an Ally hull.
  • The girls will want to come out and drink Chardonnay and eat scallops, had to be a bit flashy.
  • Might need to overnight, had to have the room to sleep two.
  • Will want to pull the kids around on skis and wakeboards and the like, had to be quick enough for that.

Most of the boats in the 6-8meter fiz boat range would do this stuff, should be easy, so off I went to look. You know, it doesn’t matter how well you plan a thing like this it can easily become confusing!  There is just so much good stuff to look at. After two years (some things can’t be rushed) you really do have a reasonable idea of what your dream boat is going to be like. You know what rides well, you know what’s built well, you know what’s going to suit your needs.

I bought the Everyman Demonstrator. I’ve found everything I need in the Everyman; I’ve named her “Dreamtime”.

I think the ride is better than the established ally boats, it’s Aluminum, it looks great, it’s dry in rough seas, the Vmax Yamaha is a beautiful motor, there’s plenty of room for 4 fishermen, it suits this diver well and the girls like her as well.  She’s a great boat with lots to offer.

Most endearing feature – the smooth ride and great handling, even in sloppy seas. It rides like a fiberglass boat of twice the weight.

- Bill from the Bay Of Plenty
October 2009