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The Everyman 595 hard TOP

My wife and I visited the Hamilton Boat Show last year and were very impressed with the new boat on the scene – Everyman Boats.

From design, style, space in the boat, overall look to the amazingly affordable price package.  A water test only confirmed what my wife already knew!  I wanted one, and I wanted it quickly.  Actually to the point where my calling in once every couple of weeks to the work shop probably drove Nigel up the wall.  However, they were excellent in letting us know what was going on – to helping us call in at the right times to take photos of her being built.

Apart from a self-inflicted tussle with a Tui’s sign at Kopu pub (that extra 40mm on the cabin is great for tall people – bad for fitting under things), she is perfect.  She runs like a dream, handles well on the water, has heaps of room for a group of four and well… just happens to catch the best fish every time!  She is feared by fish in Thames. 

- Colin from the Waikato
May 2011