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The Everyman 635 Hard Top

We purchased our Everyman 635 H/T from the Auckland Boat Show earlier this year. This boat has exceeded all of our expectations.

We are still raving about it and finding more things to like every time we go out fishing. 

It has performed well on both the Manukau and Waitamata Harbors; it skims over any waves or choppy sea with ease, making it a very smooth ride. We are amazed it reaches speeds of 42 knots on the GPS making it a rather quick ride.

We have had four adults fishing off one side of the boat at anchor and it doesn’t even tip slightly making it a brilliantly stable boat. 

We are impressed with the high quality welding and paint finish; it still looks the same as when it was delivered. We also like the way it tows well behind our station wagon. 

- Darren from Auckland
October 2009