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The Everyman 550 cuddy

My wife and I had been looking for a 5 to 6 metre aluminium boat for about five years.

Being a big chap I firmly believed a pontoon hull was the way to go for stability. We looked at Stabis, Senators and also tested a Surtees and a Maclay, still not happy or convinced.

Three years ago we noticed an ad in NZ Fishing & Boating magazine for Everyman Boats that were made in Hamilton, so looked Nigel up in Frankton.

Nigel had a 5.5 metre hull half completed, I said to my wife after leaving, that's the boat I am after.

After two years of boat shows and kicking tyres we purchased a 5.5 Everyman Cuddy.

What a lovely boat, soft through the water no hammering and a very stable boat at rest.

All my neighbours at the beach (all have boats) have commented on a fine looking hull, and how well the boat has been built, and a wonderful finish.

We are very happy with Everyman!

- John from the Waikato
October 2011