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The Everyman 595 Cuddy

I have been messing about in boats since I was old enough to climb into one and I always had thoughts of:

“If only it was bigger”
“It’s such a pain having to climb over and around things”
“I wish there was more fishing room”
“Where can I stow my gear?”

It is those little things that make what should be a great days fishing not quite so pleasant.

In the 595 Cuddy I have found the perfect balance, big enough to handle a west coast bar safely and my wife can “rest” in the cabin if she needs to, there is no clutter and everything has a place and there is a place for everything, and it is such a comfortable boat to ride in and fish from.

Most importantly it catches fish, because it is so comfortable and relaxing, this boat is a genuine first class all-rounder.

- Ross from the Waikato
May 2011